Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DC Comics Announces a 15 Pound Comic Book

A 15 Pound Hamburger, for Comparison Purposes

DC Comics announced that it has joined forces with TASCHEN, the book publisher known for its eye for quality, modern design aesthetic and high-end art books spotlighting every aspect of culture: from art and movies to lifestyle and comics, to produce an ultra-comprehensive, extra large book so impressive, even super heroes may have trouble lifting it.

Clocking in at nearly 15 pounds and with over 650 pages, 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking will feature more than 1,500 images — including covers, interiors, original illustrations, photos, film stills and collectibles — using the latest digital reproduction technology.

Paul Levitz, former DC Comics Publisher and upcoming LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES and ADVENTURE COMICS writer, will provide the narration. Paul’s in-depth essays trace the history of DC Comics, from its beginnings to the modern era.  The book will also features massive fold-out timelines and an in-depth appendix that includes bios on artists, writers, editors, publishers and actors. 

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