Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DC Animated Sadly Cancels Numerous BruceTimm Projects

As reported earlier this month by your friends at Gfest, numerous DC Animated Projects have been canceled due to the under-performance of Green Lantern: First Flight and the Wonder Woman movie. 

What Gfest did not know is the severity of the animated cancellations. Wonder Woman's performance was so underwhelming, in fact, that DC Animated has sworn off doing any superheroine features for the foreseeable future. They were actually planning to do an adaptation of Batgirl: Year One, but that project’s been canceled, now. 

Another project that’s been canceled is the adaptation of the"Judas Contract" storyline from Teen Titans.  Bruce Timm also stated in his interview with comicvine that the announced Aquaman feature has also been canceled. 

Timm, also said that the DC animated staff isn’t interested in doing adaptations of Jeph Loeb's Hush and The Long Halloween comics because they’re far too complex to boil down into shorter features.

The only one Timm thinks might be a possibility, right now, is a return to Batman Beyond. However, he stresses that such a project is a long way off if it’ll ever happen.

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