Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dan Didio Needs to Start Acting Like a Real Businessman

Do you know who Harold Winer REALLY is?  Well according to Gfest's friends over at Scans-Daily

he's an average fan like you and me who is at time frustrated with DC Comics and Dan Didio. 

Herald has apparently made Didio-bashing a profession on message boards.  He has gotten into arguments with DC Comics creators and had one say that he is well known in the DC offices, where he is regularly laughed at.

So Dan Didio who is taking a wildly unsuccessful turn as writer of The Outsiders, decided to put "Harold Winer" into his latest issue, and then he kicked the crap out of him.  Really?  That's how you treat your fans?

Look, we get that the comic book world is full of some pretty negative, overly critical fans.  But they also happen to buy the product.  Attacking one critical fan may make you popular in the office for a couple of days fan, but to the outside world, your reputation certainly goes down for this kind of amateur gag.  I mean, does anyone REALLY think that this is how one of the top executives of a major company should behave? 

You're supposed to be a big deal Dan.  Start acting like it.

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