Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Batman" sentenced to 23 years for distributing meth

Gfest figured out how Bruce Wayne made his billions and built that sweet batcave.
The ringleader of the state's largest-ever uncovered meth ring has been sentenced to 23 years in prison.
Christopher Stewart of Walthall County, also known as "Batman," was sentenced to 278 months in a federal prison Tuesday by Judge Keith Starrett.
Stewart and nearly two dozen other suspects have pleaded guilty to charges of distributing more than 50 pounds of Mexican meth a month in Mississippi, concentrating primarily in Marion, Lamar, Walthall, Pike, and Rankin counties.

Authorities seized over 100 weapons and $1.5 in meth during the 2009 investigation.

The indictment alleges Stewart threatened to kill a state narcotics officer and judges involved in the case.

In addition to the 23 years, Stewart was fined $25,000 and sentenced to 10 years supervised release

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