Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Batcopter: New & Improved Luxury Helicopter

Here is a helicopter fit for Bruce Wayne but could easily be utilized by the Dark Knight himself in times of need.

The Eurocopter Mercedes-Benz EC145 Helicopter is a medium-sized, twin-engine 'copter sports a yacht-like interior with high-end upholstery, wood for the floor and ceiling panels, three multi-function boxes offering a cool box, cup holders, tables, monitors, and DVD player, extra storage drawers, a windowed partition wall between the cabin and the passenger area, and ambient lighting.

Gfest needs one of these bad boys for our travels to ensure we provide you, our loyal readers, with the best content the world has to offer.  Or at the very least we could provide morning and afternoon traffic updates in style.

Collection starts today!

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