Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1941 Capt. America Jack Kirby & Joe Simon Page for Sale

Our friends at bleedingcool, found a very cool ebay auction - an original page of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby-credited Captain America art, from issue 6, dated from 1941. The beautiful page has Cap and Bucky fighting some seriously dodgy racial caricatures to boot.

Apparently, the page previously sold for $38,000 but the bidder didn’t complete the sale.  Wife, mother or girlfriend must have put the kibosh on the sale after realizing it was a $38,000 purchase. Poor bastard!

If you want to purchase your friends at Gfest an early birthday present, here’s your chance to show us some love.  Click here it's only going for a mere $7,100 right now.  Pocket change for you followers of Gfest.

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