Friday, April 16, 2010

Woman Finds Python In Hotel Toilet

A hotel guest in Nebraska said she found a python in her toilet.  The woman was staying at a local Inn when she said she found the snake coiled in the toilet. She said she noticed the 3-foot python before planting herself on the seat.

The Humane Society's Sarah Riederer said that such pythons don't frequent Nebraska, so she thinks it's someone's pet. Ball pythons are warm-weather reptiles, Riederer added, and therefore it didn’t slither through any pipes.

"They're not really supposed to be in the water, not to mention the water was probably cold, so it probably put him into shock," she said. "He probably wasn't moving around a whole lot."

Hampton Inn hotel management said they have a no-pet policy and they're investigating who was in the room before.  "It's definitely someone's practical joke or something," Riederer said.