Friday, April 9, 2010

Red Robin gets "Must Read" rating from Weekly Crisis

Written by Chris Yost

Art by Marcus To, Ray McCarthy, Mark McKenna, and Guy Major

• The Batgirl/Red Robin crossover continues this week as the duo make a stand against the League of Assassins, meanwhile things get a bit too intense for Tam Fox.

• This issue is a perfect mix of action and character work with fantastic pacing. Chris Yost really hits all the right notes with this, making it an incredibly enjoyable read.

• I love how perfectly Yost handles the characters. He has a fantastic understanding of the personalities in the Bat-family and how they interact. It’s a shame that he is leaving this book after next issue—its an even bigger shame that DC hasn’t snagged him to be a driving force in this franchise.

• Excellent pacing and tight plotting are paramount to this issues success. I especially loved the way the montage of potential victims closes out the issue. That is perfect denouement.

• How awesome is Marcus To? Just as Yost perfectly captures the voices of this issue’s large cast, To perfectly captures their appearances. There isn’t a character in this issue I wouldn’t mind seeing him draw full time.

• I loved the sense of movement and impact here. That really helps sell the action.

• I would easily consider purchasing any one of a number of pages in this comic. That, to me, is a perfect sign of how good it is! I want this comic on my wall!

Verdict: Must Read. Red Robin continues its run as, by far, the strongest comic in the Batman franchise at the moment. Chris Yost and Marcus To not only put together a great issue here but also prove that they have the chops to take on any character in the franchise. They’ve only got one issue left, which is a huge bummer—let’s hope there are more team-ups with this creative team to tackle these characters somewhere down the road!

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