Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Fuehrer...We Have Been Shut Down

According to www.popeater.com, 'Hitler Reacts to...' -- that patron saint of YouTube memes -- seems to be on its way out. The clips, which dub a scene from the 2004 German-language film 'Downfall,' are being rapidly pulled by Constantin Films, which is claiming copyright infringement.

The film features Hitler (portrayed by Bruno Ganz), ensconced in his bunker, learning he cannot win the war. The viral video versions tweak the subtitles to have Hitler reacting explosively to current events, both mundane and massive, including Michael Jackson's death, Kanye West's VMAs incident and the Hollywood adaptation of 'Twilight.' All have been major YouTube hits.  Gfest!

For more information visit popeater by clicking here

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