Monday, May 3, 2010

FHM Hottest Girl of 2010 is....

Cheryl Cole was crowned FHM’s sexiest woman of the year this week after they released their top 100 sexiest women in the world list. Megan Fox, who took the top spot in last year’s list slipped down one slot into second this year.  

Are you freakin kidding me? I realize Cheryl Cole may be considered hot in Britain, but good lord, she's just your version of Taylor Hicks or Jordan Sparks.  Now, she's just the English version of Paula Abdul.  Come on, if you really think about it, isn't she basically a younger version of Sporty, Scary or whatever washed up Spice Girl comes to mind (excluding Posh Spice, she hot and lives in America now).

Just look at the picture.  It's Megan Fox for crying out loud.  

Gfest vs. FHM!  United States vs. England!  It's on bitches.  Which side of the pond do you want to air this out?

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