Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Man Pays $31,000 for an Atari Game.

Did I love my Atari?  I sure did.  Do I occasionally get nostalgic about it?  I sure do.  Would I ever pay $31,600 for an old game that I'll probably spend the rest of my life blowing into in an effort to get it to work?  I would not.  BUT THIS DORK DID (from Retro Thing):

The excitement today comes from an auction for Atari 2600's "Air Raid", a baby blue cartridge with a strange T-shaped handle on it. The cart is rare enough on its own, but this is the first known instance of finding the box as well - for a long time collectors questioned whether there had ever been a box! You probably never heard of "Air Raid" (for a long time no one knew that that game was even called "Air Raid" for sure, since it's not on the cart itself anywhere) as it came out near the end of the 2600's reign. As more and more companies tried to cash in on the videogame craze, they did so with crappier and crappier games. These often forgettable games sold in small numbers hence their rarity.

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