Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Liked Only ONE Panel from Today's Justice League #44

Today's issue of Justice League of America #44 by James Robinson was just more of the same garbage that's been coming out of that book ever since Brad Meltzer's run.  It's a group of B and C list superheroes pretending to solve big problems.  Even in the Brightest Day crossover, the freakin' JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA book was given a C list superhero in Jade. 

And that's why gfest LOVES Etrigan.  He sums up our frustration with the current lineup in a beautiful succinct rhyme.  And he nails it!

Your friends at gfest are somewhat baffled by James Robinson.  We've liked some of the stuff he's done since his return to DC Comics a few years ago.  We've hated a lot of it.  And we haven't loved any of it.

Yet everyone keeps saying how great of a writer he is.  So I decided to go read Starman, which most everyone agrees is his best work.  I'm almost finished with it, and dman if you people weren't right.  I love Staman.  I love Jack Knight.  And most of all I love The Shade. 

So why don't I love any of James Robinson's current stuff?

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