Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GFEST Must Buy Comic Books of the Week

Green Lantern Corps #47
As Brightest Day begins, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner, along with the rest of the Green Lantern Corps, attempt to pick up the pieces from the horrific events of Blackest Night and take a long hard look at how the Corps is run now that major revelations have come to light. Who survived (and what the Alpha Lanterns have in store for them) is only one of the many new questions that the Green Lanterns will have to answer on the difficult and dangerous road ahead.

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Truth be told, I have never been a Green Lantern Corps fan.  Mainly because there are too damn many of them to keep track of as you read the series.  Well that's not entirely true, I HATE GUY GARDNER!  The only time I like Guy Gardner is when Batman is kicking his ass.  With all the Green (now Orange, Blue, Indigo, Purple, Red, Yellow, Black, White) Lanterns, we could have easily killed him off and substituted anyone in his place.   With that said, Peter Tomasi's run and the Blackest Night mega-event got me hooked on this title.  I am hopeful that Guy Gardner won't ruin it for me.

Jack Of Fables #45
Jack Frost has finally come face-to-face with the Empyrean, but it's clear that someone somewhere along the way has been lying about what this is all about. In fact, it's beginning to seem as if everyone everywhere along the way has been lying.

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The one (maybe two) loyal follower(s) of this post, know that I LOVE Fables.  I also LOVE Jack of Fables.  I was a little concerned when Bill Wilingham and Matt Sturges removed the main character Jack Horner from this book and inserted his son Jack Frost as the lead character.  And like Megan Fox in any movie, it's still damn good!  This story has been along-time building and mow Jack's son finally gets his shot at the giant.

JLA Vol. 03 Deluxe Edition HC
The JLA's very first foe, Starro the Conqueror, returns in this new Deluxe hardcover!

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I am the first to admit that Grant Morrison can be the most frustrating S.O.B. in comics today.  He dupes you in with beautiful, eloquent, timeless stories such as All Star Superman or his run on the JLA.  Then as in Final Crisis, he will lead you on, teasing you, telling you what you want to hear, just as the Sirens in Homer's Odyssey did to Odysseus's crew. Then, at the moment you are about to succumb to his beautiful prose, the final issue arrives and feeds on your heart and liquefies your brain.  With that being said, when the Scottish Alan Moore is on and in-sync, he's the best of the best.  And, his run on JLA is fabulous.

Locke & Key Crown Of Shadows #5
Chapter 5: Light of Day. Four words: 'Giants hitting each other.' Don't miss the most smash-tastic fight issue of the year!

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Locke & Key has consistently been one of the best books on the market since it's inception nearly two years ago.  Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez have proven themselves to be at the top of the comic book industry.  Each issue is better than the last.  It's one of the those series that you can read again and again.

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