Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Captain America Has Never Looked so Good

As you probably know by now if you're a loyal member of our family, the crew at Gfest loves comic book art.  From the greatness of Jim Lee, Alex Ross, Gary Frank, Bruce Timm, Jack Kirby, George Perez, Ethan Van Sciver, etc., we love to marvel at the pencils, ink, and colors of each and every page of our books.  

Recently, we stumbled upon the simplistic yet stunning comic art of Rogan Josh.  It blew us away.  

He accurately describes his art on his Etsy page as, "Fabulous art prints featuring your favorite spandex-clad super heroes that are so classy, you don't have to hide them away under the mattress with the rest of your comic book collection when you have guests." 

Gfest couldn't agree more.  Check it out here it's worth the click.

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