Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Barack Obama's Peace Plan? Send In Superman & Batman

Apparently part of President Barack Obama's plan to make the Muslim world hate our country less is to intiate a cultural outreach.  USA Today is reporting that Obama plan's will include a comic book series in which Superman and Batman work with their Muslim counterparts.

Sure, I can see Superman going over on a Nation Building excercise at the request of the President of the United States.  Superman always does what the President asks.  But Batman?  On a peace mission?

I'm sorry Mr. President,  but Batman does not do peace missions.  Batman kicks ass.  I thought we finally had a President that knew his Superheroes?

Also, I assume Obama didn't invite Robin (TheTim Drake Robin not the new punk imposter) because Chuck Dixon, the writer most associated with Tim, has always said Tim was Jewish in his mind.  Not very open minded Mr. President.

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  1. well don't forget there is an international group of Batman like heroes each with a patriotic (for there country) theme there affectionately known as the league of batmen

    plus Raz Al' Ghul operates out of the middle east so batman presumably has contacts there as a result of keeping tabs on his baby mama's daddy