Monday, April 12, 2010

And the Next DC Animated films are.......

Superman vs. Brainiac  and   Batman vs. Ra's Al Ghul

DC's Animation division has been putting out serious quality work for several years now.  Although what would you expect from Gfest Lifetime Acheivement Award Winner Bruce Timm.  We think that his Wonder Woman movie was the best of the bunch, if not one of the best Wonder Woman stories ever told.

The next offering is Batman: Under the Red Hood staring Neil Patrick Harris.  But the Animation Division is hostorically secretive about future movies.

However, market research from Warner Brothers may give us a clue.  Recent surveys and testing suggest the next two movies are:

Superman: The Lost City of Krypton

Superman: Brainiac

Superman learns of an evil robotic artificial intelligence called Brainiac, who travels the universe, miniaturizing whole alien cities, including their citizens, which he keeps in bottles for study. When Brainiac threatens Earth, Superman has no choice but to hunt him down, only to discover that among the bottled cities in the robot's possession is Kandor from his homeworld of Krypton. Somehow the Man of Steel has to figure out how to defeat this superpowerful A.I., while protecting this last vestige of Kryptonian society. From Geoff Johns' popular comic series. Rated PG-13

Batman: Spawn of the Demon

When eco-terrorist Ra's Al Ghul sets out to destroy most of the world's population, it's up to Batman to stop him. Fortunately the Dark Knight finds an unexpected ally in Ra's daughter Talia, who can no longer tolerate her father's madness. Together Batman and Talia jet to some of the most exotic spots on the planet, battling Deadshot, Lady Shiva, and the League of Assassins, in a desperate race to stop Ra's before it's too late. Rated PG-13

Anyone else as excited as we are?

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