Thursday, April 15, 2010

10 Real People Reviews of Flash #1 by Geoff Johns

Real Reviews.  Real People.  Real Short.
Flash #1 by Geoff Johns

@ericharburn: Really liked The Flash #1. Something about Johns & Manapul just clicks. Much Flash-ier than Rebirth. Didn't care for Brightest Day, though.

@NextChamp: Basically Flash #1 had a problem with too much exposition. Usually Johns is better at that stuff even with #1 issues.

@RokkRevolution: Flash #1 was a fun read. Much different than what Johns normally delivers. A nice Silver Age read with modern sensibilities.

@toukenjen: As much as I love Flash, Barry Allen's Flash issue #1 has thoroughly confused me. What timeline is this?

@ElfGrove: Flash Rebirth never sold me on Barry. NEVER. Flash #1 hasn't sold me on him either, but it did just sell me a story I want to see.

@Danubus: Flash #1 kinda sucked. Don't like the art at all. Story was ok. Not the kind of comeback for Barry Allen I had in mind. Meh.

@JLAvenger: Flash Fact: Barry Allen's first ever #1 issue. The only Flash whose never had one.

@Williamson_Josh: LOVED The Flash #1 by Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul . Even got my new Flash ring. The last page teaser blew my mind. Great job, guys.

@azalben: read my 3-month old daughter her first comic today - Flash #1! She loved it :)

@lantern4life: Flash returned with great art by Kollins & Manapaul. This is a great jumping on point & I dorked out on all the Flash Facts

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