Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 Real People Mini Reviews of Green Lantern #53

Real Reviews. Real People. Real Short.

Green Lantern #53 by Geoff Johns

@IanGonzales: Green Lantern #53's embrace of the new Green Lantern continuity has me just as excited as I was when I watched my first Doctor Who. So imaginative!

@SeanyComics: I can't believe this, but I think this is my first bad review ever for Green Lantern. Issue 53 was essentially an ad for upcoming DC comics

@impossibilly: I rushed out to the closest park bench to read Green Lantern 53. That series has a must-read-now excitement to it.

@RokkRevolution: Green Lantern #53 was a solid read. Nothing spectacular, but it totally sold me on the Brightest Day plans for Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps and Guy Gardner's new title.
@JLanphear: Holy crap, Green Lantern 53 was AMAZING. So many awesome pieces of foreshadowing and such. VERY COOL! Great job Geoff Johns!
@Danubus:  Holy Crap! Doug Mahnke's art is superb in Green Lantern 53!

@ganthet: Just finished Green Lantern #53. Pretty cool for setting things up. i got a feeling there is going to be a huge shack up soon.

@fyreball13: Green Lantern 53 is the first issue in a while that didn't really grab me, but I suppose it's just doing set up for what's to come!

@NightwingFnClb: Also, did anyone read Green Lantern #53?  Did I miss an issue or something?  I felt very lost

@jimu00: Green Lantern #53 was pretty good, although rather light on content. It seemed like just a set up for Corps, Emerald Warriors, and Brightest Day.

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