Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pete Rose's girlfriend will be in Playboy

Pete Rose and Kiana Kim at Las Vegas Motor Speedway last March

Pete Rose made the media rounds today, appearing on Howard Stern's show. The banter was the usual -- the endless Cooperstown snub, the all-time hits record, etc.

But the one changeup Rose threw was taking along his girlfriend, who's about to hit the newsstands in Playboy.

She's 29-year-old Kiana Kim. (Pete is 68, and we'll let you do the math.)

Her self-description, from her website: Kiana was born in Seoul, Korea and moved out to the United States with her family when she was of the age 5. She was raised in Los Angeles and left LA to go to school at Arizona State University. She recieved her BS degree in Business Marketing. Soon after graduating, she worked for Korean Airlines as a flight attendant.

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